Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Spring snow hiking in the Karasawa (涸沢) valley

Here's a little video I made from a recent trip to Karasawa (涸沢) in the North Alps.

We had originally planned to climb the North Ridge of Mt Maehotaka, but when we got to Karasawa a foot of fresh unconsolidated snow and a lingering ankle injury that flared up during the walk-in meant that we abandoned the plan and just hiked up Mt Karasawa (涸沢) in the snow instead. As it turned out, several Japanese parties went up to attempt the route, but all descended before the crux final pinnacles due to the snow conditions.

It was a good trip, and great to see so many Japanese hikers getting out there and enjoying their week off.

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  1. Indeed a good decision: the crux of the North Ridge can be quite hard when iced up. Although Karesawa may be no safer in new snow conditions - notorious for avalanches, being a lee slope in a windy, high-precipitation area.... I believe the hut has been blown away at least once by giant avalanches.