Thursday, 6 December 2012

Winter Mt Fuji (富士山)

Here's a short clip from the summit of Mt Fuji on 2nd December.

I'll put together a post soon about various strategies for climbing Mt Fuji in winter, so stay tuned for that.  Climb safe...



  1. Lucky you, am looking fwd to your strategies post.
    Did you see anyone else above go gome?

  2. Hi Iain. Thanks for stopping by. There was one guy ahead of me, an old Japanese climber who I think may have been a rescue worker in his youth, but there were also a few parties heading up as I was coming down. It's a rare thing to find wind speeds below 100km/h above the 8th station in Dec/Jan/Feb (on that day the wind was around 70km/h, but dropped to about 50km/h during mid-morning), so I guess they'd all decided to jump on the forecast like me. Unfortunately there were a couple of heli rescues as well, but thankfully no fatalities...

    Have you spent time in Japan? I've seen your posts on Julian's blog, I think, as well as Project Hyakumeizan.

    All the best. Tony

  3. Was living and climbing in japan 20 yrs or so ago. I now return annually and usually manage a gentle hike or two.

  4. Tony, i will be heading to tokyo feb 10~, was thinking of trying fuji. Any insight you could offer would be great! And appreciated.

  5. Dear Tony
    I would like to climb the mount Fuji in September 26 (off season) and I would like to hire a guide to climb with me at the top in only one single day. Can you help me?
    Please replay on my personal email
    Sao Paulo Brazil