Thursday, 15 December 2011

Kamoshika (ニホンカモシカ)

Sometimes, while you're walking up the approach trails in winter in Japan, you'll hear a rustling in the trees, or a sudden movement.  As often as not it's a Japanese Serow, or nihon kamoshika (ニホンカモシカ).

If you're lucky you'll catch a glimpse of one, and if you're really lucky it will let you walk past at close proximity.  Dont be afraid, they're very tame animals...  Try not to startle it, they're also very shy.  Just enjoy the priceless experience of meeting a large animal in its own environment.

The Kamoshika:

For more information on this excellent creature, read the following Wikipedia entry:


  1. Great picture - and quite an achievement to get so close. No kamoshika ever allowed Project Hyakumeizan within such a short range - perhaps they could read my mind wondering what kamoshika might taste like accompanied by blackcurrant jelly and mint sauce ....

    PS: Best wishes for the New Year and many successful routes in the mountains!

  2. Its a hardest job. Always inspiring. Thanks for the post.