Wednesday, 14 December 2011

UPDATE: Uradoushin runze (裏同心ルンゼ)

Here are a few photos from last weekend's ascent of the Uradoushin runze on Yatsugatake.  You can find detailed information and a topo for this route in a previous post, as well as mid-season photos in which the route is heavily banked out.  Last weekend the conditions were as good as they're ever going to be, with not enough snow to be post-holing, and all the ice nicely exposed.

This route seems to be very conditions-dependent, and if you're lucky enough to get it in the conditions we just had it then it's a real gem... easy access, no stress, just a fantastic couple of hours of quality ice climbing.


In the right conditions F2 is a 3-tiered fall of about 40m in total.





Looking across to the Kodoushin pinnacle from the top of the descent ridge:

Looking across to Amidadake and Akadake:

Climbers on one of the aid routes on the Daidoushin pinnacle:

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